Shop Around Whenever Renewal Is Due To Find The Cheap Auto Insurance You Need

The recession came out of nowhere in 2008 and left many households struggling to pay all the bills. Unfortunately, every state in the union has laws requiring drivers to carry a minimum amount of auto insurance or to demonstrate a minimum cash holding out of which to meet any claims.

To stay legal on the road, that means most vehicle owners are looking for affordable insurance. Yet that needs a word of explanation. There’s a problem with some of the insurers that sell cheap auto insurance. They are very good at collecting in the money, but they develop a resistance to parting with any of it when you claim.

So when you’re looking for the policy that’s right for you, the first step is to shop around. That’s where this site comes into play. This provides quotes from all the top insurers in your state. Now you have to do some work.

Most of the Insurance Commissioners not only run a formal complaints service, but also publish the results. The best Commissioners name and shame the insurers who have the most complaints upheld against them. The rule is never to buy a policy from an insurer who shows unwillingness to deal fairly with claims. Now read through the small print of the policy. You want terms of coverage including all the standard situations in which your vehicle might be damaged or you may be injured.

Once you have found the sweet spot of affordable auto insurance, you can buy with confidence for the immediate year. Next year, remember another insurer may be offering better auto insurance cover at a lower price. That’s one of the benefits of a capitalist society. Always shop around whenever renewal is due to find the cheap insurance you need.

Aug 29

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Metromile Pitches Pay-as-You-Drive Auto Insurance
To set itself apart from much bigger rivals, Metromile markets itself as a service to manage the costs of owning a car. The GPS-equipped mileage-tracking gizmo sends alerts to a proprietary app on a customer's mobile phone if street sweeping is …
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Channel 2 Consumer Investigator Jim Strickland has discovered the insurance company that covers one out of every five cars in Georgia will hike rates for the second time in six months. "Well, that's a little worrisome," said State Farm customer Denise …
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Aug 23

Free Car Insurance Quotes – Find Cheap Auto Insurance Rates Online

Try us for a free car insurance quote. can help you get the best rates on your auto insurance policy. Visit us at http://carinsurance.insane…
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Aug 17

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Database Now Open for Use Nationally at Insurer Website

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) August 07, 2014

A new database to allow motor vehicle owners to accurately review insurer policy costs has been launched at the Quotes Pros website. This cheap car insurance quotes database is currently open for use at is available in all 50 states at

The insurer system is now packed with agency rates that are linked to several of the most common coverage formats. The less expensive coverage plans that are now promoted are prepared by agencies and take into account the city where a motor vehicle owner will be using an automobile this year.

“What the database that we use provides is a look into the coverage industry and helps drivers prepare for an annual policy purchase,” said a Quotes Pros source.

The national system that is configured is now easier to use to find more complex automobile insurance plans this year. Aside from the cheaper plans, a full coverage or collector car quote can be prepared using some of the national insurers that offer these policies on a state or national level.

“That simple database that we’re allowing access to this year combines agencies from all parts of the country into a single resource that the public can use to compare costs,” said the source.

The Quotes Pros company allows deeper research for polices that do not involve automotive coverage plans on its website. The secondary finder at now promotes discounts to the public for renters, life or homeowner coverage policies.


The company supplies the public with a direct method of performing insurance company research through a programmed insurer database on the Internet. The company first built its locator in 2013 and has increased the sponsorship from insurers nationwide. The company offers a direct link to automotive, health, life, medicare, renters and homeowner insurance packages underwritten nationally.

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Aug 11

Latest Car Insurance Rate News

Why breaking up with your car insurer is hard to do
According to NerdWallet data, auto insurance rates vary 154% on average within a given zip code, so it really does pay to comparison-shop. Unfortunately, most customers surveyed found getting quotes can be time consuming and unpleasant, with only 12% …
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Why you'll have to pay more for your UAE car insurance
Adnan Ilyas, Sales Manager at Fidelity Insurance Services, said vehicle insurance rate is recovering after major setbacks in the past years, rising between 15 to 20 per cent in the first half of 2014. “Now we see what is called the correct premium …
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Aug 05

Crawford Technologies Offers New Employee Benefit; Opportunity to Volunteer with Full Pay

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) August 05, 2014

Crawford Technologies today announced it will be offering employees full pay for doing one full day of volunteer work annually at a charity of their choice. This is one of many initiatives CrawfordTech has implemented as the company strives to become one of the best employers in North America.

“This is a win-win situation for Crawford Technologies because volunteering strengthens morale, builds on skills and contributes to professional development,” said Ernie Crawford, President of Crawford Technologies. “We look forward to supporting our employees with their individual efforts to make this world a better place.”

Under the program, CrawfordTech employees can select a charity (accredited and registered in their country of residence) that is meaningful to them and spend one day volunteering for that organization with full pay.

Other positive initiatives CrawfordTech has implemented for employees include:

    An extremely generous annual profit-sharing program that encompasses all employees in all sectors
    A wellness program that covers the cost of a monthly fitness membership of the employee’s choice
    A charity-matching program where CrawfordTech matches employees’ personal donations to accredited charities during the holiday season

“This is a wonderful new benefit for our employees and their communities,” said Carol Steinbock, Vice President of Human Resources for Crawford Technologies. “Volunteer work is often the glue that holds communities together and through this new initiative, Crawford Technologies is exercising stewardship and paying it forward.”

About Crawford Technologies

Crawford Technologies is an award-winning, worldwide leader in print-stream transformation, document re-engineering, workflow, document accessibility and archiving software solutions. For nearly 20 years, Crawford Technologies has continuing to grow and expand their solution offerings in the Enterprise Output Management (EOM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Accessibility markets.

Since 1995, Crawford Technologies’ award-winning solutions have helped over 1,800 companies around the world reduce costs associated with multi-channel customer communications’ by delivering bills, statements and other mission-critical transactional communications to their customers in the format preferred by each customer. This includes print formats for laser and inkjet printers, online formats like PDF, HTML and XML and alternate format documents in Braille, Large Print, PDF/UA, Audio and E-text for visually impaired and print-disabled customers.

With CrawfordTech’s range of unique software products and services, our clients simplify, automate and extend document delivery cost effectively – irrespective of current, legacy or future standards in infrastructure or document output. These clients, including four of the top five US banks, four of the top five US insurance companies and four of the world’s top five car manufacturers, are realizing high-value results as costs associated with document processes are minimized through automation, new opportunities for savings across critical communications are realized and they react quickly to changes in regulations, policies, business requirements and technical infrastructure.

CrawfordTech’s quality software, expert support and transactional document business knowledge help clients to meet operational, service, marketing, legal and compliance requirements and automate the delivery of billions of communications to their customers annually. Simply put, companies look to Crawford Technologies for a platform-independent approach, leading system performance and superior output fidelity. Please visit to find out more about CrawfordTech’s clients, people, partners and solutions.

For media and other enquiries please contact the CrawfordTech Press Office:

North America Tel: +1-416-923-0080

UK Tel: +44 (0)20 3239 4724


For media and other enquiries please contact the CrawfordTech Press Office:

North America Tel: +1-416-923-0080

UK Tel: +44 (0)20 3239 4723


Jul 30

10 Things You Need to Know About No Fault Insurance

Article by Richard Clark

If you are going to move it, insure it. If you own a motor vehicle disable it until it is insured. You own a motor vehicle if you hold legal title or have use of it for 30 days or if you have immediate right of possession under an installment contract. If you are caught without insurance you will be fined. If you are in an accident and are at fault you can be sued with the limitation imposed by the No Fault law. If you are hurt in a motor vehicle accident in the uninsured car no car insurance will pay your medical bills, wage loss, or replacement loss and you cannot sue the person at fault. If someone else is hurt in an uninsured car you own you may be required to reimburse the Assigned Claims Fund for No Fault benefits it may pay for those injured in the accident. The reimbursement may include medical bills, wages and replacement expenses. It may include injuries to your own relatives.
After an accident notify your insurance company and send or deliver your insurance company an Application of No Fault insurance. To be eligible for No Fault benefits an injured person must notify the insurance company that is required to pay No Fault benefits within one year of the accident. In some cases an insurance company aside from your own is required to pay No Fault benefits. If your insurance company will not pay contact a lawyer to see whose company is required to pay. Remember you only have 1 year to notify the correct insurance.
All medical bills, wage losses, and replacement services are paid before the first anniversary of the date the bill or loss was incurred. Not even a court can order the insurance company to pay for service rendered more than one year in the past. Do not let any bill or loss become stale.
If you are entitled to sue the driver at fault you must generally do so before the legal time limits expire. For a motor vehicle accident the legal time limits is generally 3 years of the date of the accident. There are exceptions, but as a rule of thumb make sure you do something well before the third anniversary of the accident. An attorney will need time to pull together all the information needed to file a lawsuit before the time limit expires.
Remember you can be entitled to No Fault benefits even if you are at fault in an accident. Michigan has a No Fault system. You are entitled to No Fault benefits for injuries arising of the operation, use, or maintenance of a motor vehicle as a motor vehicle. The law does not require you to be without fault.
If you are injured changing a tire on a motor vehicle you are may be entitled to No Fault benefits. Changing a tire is maintaining a motor vehicle and is covered.
If you are injured while entering or exiting a motor vehicle you may be entitled to No Fault benefits. Entering or exiting a motor vehicle is using a motor vehicle as a motor vehicle.
If you are working and are injured in a motor vehicle accident you may be entitled to both workers’ disability compensation and No Fault benefits. Deduction from No Fault apply when workers’ disability compensation pays, but it is definitely worthwhile to have a lawyer review your circumstances.
Keep track of medical expenses. You are the only person who can keep up to date on medical treatment. Some services are not apparent and you need to be vigilant to keep track of them. Surgery will require an anesthesiologist. Make sure you turn those bills into the insurance company. Remember a bill that is more than one year old will not be paid by the No Fault insurance company.
If you drive your own motorcycle insure it. Although you are not required to carry No Fault insurance, you are required to insure your motorcycle with liability coverage. If you do not and are in an accident you will not be entitled to No Fault benefits.

Click to view our Michigan Insurance Attorneys.

About the Author

Article written by Upper Michigan Law all rights reserved. If you are interested in contacting a Michigan Insurance Attorney please feel free to do so at 1-800-562-0954.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines

whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

Article written by Upper Michigan Law all rights reserved. If you are interested in contacting a Michigan Insurance Attorney please feel free to do so at 1-800-562-0954.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines

whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

Jul 24

LUMESIS, INC. Municipal Bond Brokerage And Wealth Management Firms Turn To DIVER Advisor, Compliance Solution For MSRBs New Time-Of-Trade Disclosure Rule

Stamford, CT (PRWEB) July 24, 2014

Lumesis Inc., DIVER Advisor, a compliance solution to help firms address the newly approved Time-of-Trade Disclosure (MSRB Rule G-47), amended Suitability (Rule G-19) and Supervisory requirements (MSRB Rule G-27) announced today that its market-leading platform has emerged as the go-to compliance solution for brokerage and wealth management firms of all sizes engaged in municipal bond transactions.

In response to market feedback that the new and amended rules would be too time-consuming and concerns around how to better respond to the regulatory focus on protecting retail and non-sophisticated market participants (“non-SMMP”), DIVER Advisor was introduced to the municipal market. Advisor’s Municipal Bond Report (“MBR”) aggregates the necessary data and information into a single report to address regulatory obligations. The MBR, available for every municipal bond, can be generated in less than two seconds and is ready for client delivery. DIVER Advisor’s sophisticated reporting engine allows compliance professionals and supervisors to create needed proof to demonstrate compliance with internal policies and procedures and/or regulatory obligations.

Since the SEC passed the new and amended MSRB rules, the DIVER Advisor active user base has grown by a factor 10x as more firms have adopted Advisor in their efforts to lead the market in time-of-trade compliance. Below are highlights of Advisor use communicated by our clients.    

Compliance Use

    Our clients take advantage of the ability to configure both the content of the MBR and the required compliance actions in an effort to ensure “material information reasonably accessible” is being communicated to their retail or non-SMMP clients before the buy or sell can be transacted. These firms gain comfort in knowing that the report conveys the appropriate level of information for their clients and that the audit trail in Advisor tracks this activity and stores the MBR for future retrieval.
    Branch and Complex Managers are using the Advisor Compliance Reporting Module to confirm their representatives are making proper disclosure to clients in accordance with their policies.
    Using the Advanced Reporting Parameters, Compliance professionals can identify bonds being purchased in the secondary market before the bond was issued in the primary market, allowing the firm to ensure proper communication and disclosure where an OS may not yet be available.
    Ability to prove that disclosure was made by running a simple report and accessing the MBR generated at the time of disclosure.
    Using the Compliance Reporting Module, identifying Advisors buying high-yield bonds for their clients and monitoring to ensure they have the expertise and resources needed to recommend these securities.

Business Use

    Financial Advisors have been generating approximately two MBRs per trade, using the reports to help clients better understand and compare bonds.
    Trading and research teams can get a comprehensive, quick and accurate read on bonds they may not be familiar with across all sectors of the market
    “A big step forward. Clients can get a comprehensive report for bonds before they are traded. They like the transparency and opportunity to compare bonds.”

For a free trial of DIVER Advisor CLICK HERE

About Lumesis, Inc.

Founded in 2010, Lumesis, Inc. is a financial technology company focused on providing business efficiency, data and regulatory solutions for the municipal marketplace under the DIVER brand. Providing access to hundreds of datasets, DIVER solutions leverage the most current economic and demographic data available from both public and private sources, combine that with security master file data, credit ratings, continuing disclosures, price and yield data, news links and more. Our solutions are tailored to address the unique needs of our clients comprised of U.S. Banks, Broker/Dealers, Asset Managers, Insurance Companies, Hedge Funds and others.

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Jul 18

Consumers Upset Over High Car Insurance Rates – But Who Is Really At Fault?

(PRWEB) July 15, 2014

The average cost of car insurance across America can be brought down. Many drivers over pay for their insurance policies simply because they have yet to compare quotes online either because they feel lower rates aren’t available or they aren’t aware of the new incentives and rebates they qualify for.

Compare cheap insurance quotes in minutes, click here.

New insurance rules that vary from state to state are hard to keep track of, many of the changes in recent years can have quite an impact on insurance rates but many consumers are either unaware of the changes or fear they may actually raise their rates, deterring them from seeking out insurance quotes.

With the recent revision to the database and listings it is now easier than ever to save on car insurance in just a few simple steps. The only information the new system needs is a zip code which means a completely anonymous process. The result is a list of the best insurance companies in the given area along with competitive incentives and rebates available in the region. Even top companies such as Progressive, Geico and Esurance to name a few are amongst the listings offering their best available rates.

Lower car insurance rates today, click here.

Visitors to the site have shown a positive response to the new set up, not only for it’s simplicity but because no personal information is needed for the list of companies. This means no sales calls or spam will follow and they are free to compare as many quotes as they like.

With Fast Quote Direct there are no more excuses for not keeping up to date with new insurance rules and discounts available. The listings provide them automatically and the savings its users have been seeing prove the new system works.

To save on car insurance and see what savings are available, visit today.

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Jul 12

Experient Health’s Latest Guest Blog Tackles How To Pick a Primary Care Doctor

Williamsburg, Va. (PRWEB) July 12, 2014

In the new world of health care reform, health insurance networks have become extremely important, and in some cases more complicated, Experient Health Benefits Consultant Jayson Richardson wrote in his latest guest Blogging spot with the Health Journal.

The Health Journal, a Williamsburg, Va.-based news magazine targeting health and lifestyle news for young and older adults in the Tidewater region of Virginia, partnered with Experient Health to publish routine Blog posts helping readers understand the changes businesses and individuals have seen under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

This year, when most Americans were required to buy health insurance through the government marketplace, the rules changed for some who were used to doctors they had long used.

Some insurance carriers began only offering HMO plans, which have a smaller more limited network of providers, as opposed to PPO plans, which offer a more expansive selection.

“Bottom line: You may no longer be able to go to your regular doctor because of the changing insurance plans,” Richardson wrote.

In the post, Richardson explained the different between HMOs, health-maintenance organizations, and PPOs, or preferred provider organizations.

“Consumers are now faced with the decision about whether to stay within their network—or to find new doctors because their old ones aren’t in that network,” Richardson wrote. “In-network benefits generally have 80-20 percent coverage, while out-of-network means the consumer pays more, as much as 50 percent.”

Consumers choosing individual health plans are having to make hard decisions — get a subsidized plan and pay less in premiums, but have less access to certain doctors and medical facilities? Or pay more in premiums and get a PPO policy? HMOs generally run 10 to 15 percent less in premiums than PPOs do.

“The decision can come down to how much a consumer wants to stick with a particular doctor, or medical facility. To help consumers figure out what plan covers what, the insurance carriers all have “find-a-doctor” searches on their websites that are changing constantly, with providers coming on and going off all the time,” Richardson wrote.

“At Experient Health, we encourage individuals to use…search tools,” Richardson wrote. “The choices are always changing, sometimes by the day. Whatever plan you choose, and whatever doctor you choose to see, it’s always wise to make a phone call ahead of time to be sure you’re covered. That part, at least, is still pretty simple.”

To read the complete series, visit The Health Journal online.

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Jul 06

Auto Insurance Mexico Online

Car Insurance inside Mexico is necessary as well as the last thing you need to do is receive stopped by the Mexican authorities plus not have the right coverage inside spot. These are typically able to detain we as well as the fees are very significant. In the event of the reduction the alternative party can sue we too when no coverage is within area.

Mexican Car Insurance has been produced effortless to get by a Internet Mexican Insurance Experts. We provide ALL lines of insurance inside Mexico including house, commercial, healthcare plus naturally Car coverage. We provide the many competitive rates as well as the broadest coverages which no agent inside Mexico can provide. has produced it effortless by providing the Car applications online thus which we never need to print plus fax. We additionally provide Click, Pay plus Print feature that is secured plus it offers we the ability to print the plan found on the place and begin the drive into Mexico. We provide top rated carriers plus have performed the homework for we. We create ourselves accessible to answer any issues you have thus which we have which peace of notice you are interested in thus you are capable to enjoy Mexico. We never just sell we a plan, you are here each step of the method including whenever a claim is filed. We make certain you monitor the claim thus which we receive the service we anticipate.

Mexican Car Insurance has not been simpler then it happens to be with West Coast Insurance Services. We provide all lines of insurance with programs which agents inside Mexico never have access to like a Mexican Homeowners programs plus Mexican Car Insurance system. Let you enable we secure the right coverage today! The Mexican Insurance Experts are waiting!

Myself webmaster of westcoastri – you pride ourselves about providing the many comprehensive Internet Mexican Insurance, Property Insurance inside Mexico, Car Insurance inside Mexico, condo insurance, Mexican Car Insurance online, Mexican homeowners Insurance plus lots more inside Mexico at affordable rates.